Practice Tools improve reimbursement for patient assessments

Practice Tools simplifies behavioral health assessments by allowing patients to complete the survey themselves on HIPAA compliant iPads. More assessments = more revenue.

Assessment Panels

General practice
General practice
Pain management
Pain management
Substance misuse
Substance misuse

How does it work?

We provide your practice with an appropriate number of iPads, with patient assessments pre-loaded, based on your patient volume. Staff hands the iPad to the patient who completes the assessment before leaving the practice. ​

Once the assessment is complete, the system automatically analyzes it, and sends the report to the provider.

The result: high quality, compliant, evidence-based assessments delivered directly to your dashboard.
We deliver:
Patient-centric dashboards that show each
assessment conducted for the patient.
Patient-centric dashboards
Practice dashboards that show how many
assessments are conducted - by patient
name, including assessment details.
Practice dashboards
Analysis and assessment that details when
patients complete assessments, analysis
with standardized risk scores; all delivered
directly to the provider’s dashboard.
Analysis and assessment
Self-assessments can reflect reality more
accurately, especially when conducted in
private, rather than face-to-face with a
Software Features
Simple surveys,
easy to follow
Complete surveys are
submitted to practice
Dashboard receives
results automatically
Sample Reports
Rapid reports will analysis and assessment
of behavioral health surveys can facilitate
better diagnosis, treatment plans and
Practice Tools improves revenue while increasing staff productivity and cost savings. We provide highly cost-effective tools for patient behavioral health assessments:

● SAS based subscription
● No long term commitment
● Pay as you go – UTILIZATION BASED
● $20 per patient assessment panel
● Reimbursements up to $80