Improve Patient Access with Telemedicine.

Expand your practice with telemedicine capabilities. Our easy to use software can be tailored for your practice need.

Any Screen. Any Size. Anywhere.

Available via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Easy to use and highly capable

From a simple laptop setup to highly customized to integrate diagnostic equipment makes our platform well suited for small to large practices.


Flat-fee/provider/month for unlimited usage. Just about 2 calls to break even.

Conveniently accessible

Patients can connect via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Your Branding

The platform can be branded with your logo and colors.


Providers can electronically send prescriptions to a patient’s local pharmacy using ePrescribe right from the app.

Insurance or Credit Card pay

The app has a built-in payment system for Patients to pay with insurance or credit card.

Medical Chart

Providers can document encounter notes and other medical records through the App.

Electronic claim submission

Our system is capable of electronically submitting claims to insurance carriers so you wouldn’t need another software for billing.

Customize your availability on the calendar

Customize your availability on the calendar.

Integration with EHR

Our platform can be integrated with your existing EHR to manage patient data.

Reasons to implement telemedicine?

  • Providers that want to add telemedicine capability to their practices.
  • Hospitalist that wants a virtual practice instead of investing in a brick and mortar office.
  • Attending physicians or medical directors at nursing homes to reduce site visits while increasing virtual visits.
  • Reach rural patients.
  • Expand the patient base of younger and tech-savvy patients that require virtual visits.
  • Working patients need more access without having to take time off from work.
  • More convenient and frequent reimbursable follow-up visits with patients.
  • Followups after surgery and other procedures.
  • Retired physicians who want to practice part-time or on-demand.
  • Highly mobile professionals need care while traveling.
  • Elderly patients that relocate for seasons.

Join the Telemedicine Provider Network to grow your patient panel, without increasing overhead.

Become a member of the Emgenex provider network to provide services to patients on our direct to consumer app and for our various healthcare customers. Gain patients without marketing overhead.

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Customized carts to fit your need

PS 300 Telemed Cart
PS 200 Telemed Cart
PS 100 Telemed Cart

​Multi-lens Scope

JEDMED Horus HD Digital Scope System

A multi-lens HD examination camera with LCD touch screen controls and plug-n-play support with Practice Tools' telemedicine carts.